Netlify CMS

I have discovered Netlify CMS, great CMS application for statically generated webs. It’s build with react and redux (pitty, I prefer MobX, but :), is modularized, already has build in support for github-pages based web and most important is fact that it can be compiled and the resulting files can put next to your pages and be served as another page of your web.

I instantly knew that this is the one I want to continue with as an admin for my party webs. I wanted to allow users to authenticate with their github accounts, but Netlify did’t have support for 3rd party OAuth providers (learn more here). It allows you to create account in their app, connect your repository with the web and let them to serve it via their fast CDN network. But I didn’t need serving via other service. I just needed to let users edit the webs with knowing nothing about GIT. That is why I wrote netlify-cms-github-oauth-provider.

So if you want to have the same, you need:

And thats it. Easy. Now the czech pirate party members can edit the websites without any knowledge about GIT ;) Thanks Netlify guys for amaizing CMS!

Samba with SQL backend ~ Feb 06 samba,sql

After long period I have finished another version of eduit project. It uses SQL database as user storage because I believe that LDAP is pain in .. Server uses libnssmysql for user SAM, but samba has its own user backend, FUUU!

Tus.IO resumable file uploads with angular ~ Jan 11 node,angular

Last week I had a special task. I had to implement file uploading. Well, you might say, what is so special about that? So, I has to be able to upload huge files (GBs) in reliable and background manner. I use angular.js for the client side so I searched for a solution that has no dependency (like JQuery).

Migration of postgres 8.4 to 9.1 ~ Nov 04 postgresstips

Yesterday I have upgraded postgress server packages on my server. It has not started anymore so I have begun searching why. The log told me that I use data created for old version of postgress. So the migration journey begun.